Carrowmore Archers

Welcome to Carrowmore Archers

Carrowmore Archers is a field archery club based in County Sligo, Ireland. We are affiliated with the Society of Irish Field Archers (SIFA), a national association of field archery clubs that provides our governance structure including competition rules, training standards & child protection regulations.

Carrowmore Archers is a non profit organisation, run by volunteers. We train, we do archery for fun, we participate in and run competitions. We are not a business with regular opening hours or on demand archery sessions. Throughout all our activities we maintain the highest safety standards.

Because of the current Level 5 restrictions the club is not open to anyone

We will not be holding any training until allowed to by the Public Health authorities and SIFA.

When the public health restrictions change and the club is open again, we will be able to offer archery training to people of any age and ability. Our training style has had to change in the last year, we no longer offer Have a Go days with groups of people gathering at our polytunnel training facility. Instead we pair up trainees with an instructor and they can arrange dates and times that suit each other. While this is a less sociable approach it has the advantage of better continuity and a more tailored training experience where the trainee can progress at their own pace. Following an appropriate training regime people can become club members and have full access to the club’s facilities.

We do not cater for birthday parties, Hens or Stags. But if you want to try your hand at a really ancient skill, loosing arrows from a bow (with no modern attachments like sights) and seeing it hit the target, why not send us a message via the contact page here.

Archery is all about technique and focus, not strength, which means all members of the family can participate on an equal footing. We have several family groups in our current club membership. If you have a youngster in your family who wants to learn how to become a skilled archer we actively encourage a parent or named guardian to attend the training too so that they also learn the skills, you can enjoy the sport together, rather than just acting as a taxi service to the club!