Arrow making workshop, Tuesday 14th August.

Carrowmore Archers are holding an arrow building workshop for all members on Tuesday the 14th August. We will be demonstrating  how to make how to make an arrow from prepared shafts including tips on material selection, spine selection the use of a fletching jig.

If you already know your draw weight  get some supplies in from Flybow and  learn by doing.

If you don’t know this vital information then bring along your gear  and we will help you find it. Remember your bow poundage is only as marked on the bow if your draw length is also as marked, usually specified at 28 inches but can vary between manufacturers.

Your shopping list should include;

3D or field points (taper fit),

shafts (Cedar or Northern Pine),

Fletches (4″ for adults 3″ for cubs any shape or colour you fancy).


A taper tool for your shaft size.

If you are unsure what to buy come along on Tuesday the 7th for advice or talk to Harry in Flybow.





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