If your shooting ain’t* going well read a good book!

So you have a nice shiny new bow, custom made arrows and hours (or years!) of practice under your belt. But somehow those arrows just won’t fly straight. Or at least not in the desired direction.

My best advice is hang up your bow and read a good book. Its  less frustrating and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The book I recommend if you find yourself in this situation is  called “Beginner’s Guide To Traditional Archery” by Brian J. Sorrells. It has lots of things going for it in that its fairly cheap, small and absolutely full of great information and tips. Containing useful information on equipment selection, arrow tuning, shooting form, and how to practise for accuracy. The chapter I find most useful concerns Shooting Form, if things are going wrong reading this chapter could help put them right!

Available from all good book sellers but good value here;


This post was inspired by the quality of shooting experienced in the polytunnel last Tuesday evening. if you were there you will understand if not where were you!

Any other suggestions for suitable books can be left in the comments section. This will be moderated!

Happy shooting, Dickon.

*Link for the grammatically curious;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ain’t

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