Of Books and Sheep

I have just dipped into this library which was brought to my attention by Mr.Mircat on his Facebook page. Many thanks to the owner for making this resource available.

It is a wonderful resource of out of copyright books dealing with the subject of Archery. Highly recommended reading, some of the original material dates back to the 16th century and still contains relevant information for the modern archer!

Are you having bow trouble? check out this chapter; “Of the Bow, the diversities and the sues: what wood is best, the choice, the trimming, to keep it in goodness , and how to cure it from all mischiefs.” This is found in  The Art of Archerie By Gervase Markham, printed in 1634!

In other news the usual volunteers cleared our course of a sheep infestation  last Sunday and secured the perimeter, the question is where were ewe?

The online library can be found at this link:



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