Club Rules

Club Rules

Visiting Juniors/Cubs shall be the sole responsibility of their own club when participating in archery activities at Carrowmore Archers Events.

Juniors/Clubs under 16 years of age must have signed Parental/Gaurdian consent on membership application forms before membership to the club will be considered.

All members of the club must be fully paid members of the SIFA before they can participate in any archery activities.

Club grounds and facilities can only be used by club members at times designated by the club.

No member shall use club facilities with visitors who are not fully paid up members of the SIFA

The hunting or killing of game or wildlife is strictly prohibited and any person doing so will be banned from the club and the SIFA No membership refunds will be given by either the club or the SIFA to such persons. In addition legal action will be taken and all archery governing bodies in Ireland will be informed, ensuring that such individuals cannot take part in organised archery activities anywhere in Ireland (both in the North and South of the country).

Wilfull deliberate damage to Club facilities and equipment, property-fences, walls or trees will not be tolerated. Full restitution will be payable by the offending individual to the property owner. No responsibility will be held by the club or the SIFA

Safety must be paramount at all times. Unsafe equipment shall not be used at any club events. Walking in reverse to the course direction will not be tolerated.
(Please see full safety procedures/rules/regulations in the safety page.)

No alcohol/ drugs are permitted on the course, any individual suspected of being under the influence of such, will not be allowed to shoot and will be asked to leave the club grounds.

Club or visiting archers will not be eligible for competition prizes unless they have completed the full allocation of targets in that competition.

Tools, knives etc shall not be used to remove arrows or arrow points from targets. (such equipment ruins 3D targets and target butts and renders them useless for future use.)

Whilst shooting, the lead foot must always be placed touching or within 6 inches of the peg.

Archers who are at full draw or in the process of drawing their bow must not be distracted as this can be extremely dangerous.

Do not place an arrow in your bow until you are at the peg and ready to shoot.

Grievances should be brought to the attention of the committee directly.

It is expected that all members will contribute towards the running of the club. This includes setting up of courses, making up of butts, target faces and generally maintaining the club grounds. This is a lot of work and it is impossible for one or two people to complete all that is required.

Photographs of junior members may only be taken providing parental consent has been given.

Membership of the club can and will be refused by the committee if they feel an individual is unsuitable.

All activities and shoots will commence at the appointed time. Latecomers will be accommodated where possible.

No dogs are allowed on the course unless kept on a lead and prior approval has been given by a committee member.

All memberships will be for a six month trial period. If an indiviual is seen as being unsuitable after that time, they will be asked to leave the club. Club and SIFA subscriptions will not be refunded to that individual.

At all times if a shot appears unsafe, do not shoot.

Never take a chance!

Club Members or Visiting Archers under the age of 18 are not permitted to carry knives at Carrowmore Archers activities.

Never pick up or attempt to draw or shoot any other archer’s bow unless you have asked. You could damage the bow or yourself. You could also find you have a large bill to repair or replace a damaged/ruined bow.

Remember, this is your club, you only get out what you put in.

Download our Club Constitution and Rules.


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