If you would like to contact us for membership details or you would like to attend one of our training sessions, please leave a message on our Facebook Page at or email us via our Contact page.

All members of the club must be fully paid up members of the SIFA and this is organised via Carrowmore Archers.

No members shall use club facilities with visitors who are not fully paid up members of  SIFA.

The membership year runs from 1st October annually but special conditions are available for new members who wish to join earlier in the calendar year.

It is expected that all members will contribute towards the running of the club. This includes setting up of courses, making up of butts, target faces and generally maintaining the club grounds. This is a lot of work and it is impossible for one or two people to complete all that is required.

Membership of the club can and will be refused by the committee if they feel an individual is unsuitable and this decision is final.

All memberships will be for a six month trial period. If an individual is seen as being unsuitable after that time, they will be asked to leave the club. Club and SIFA subscriptions will not be refunded to that individual.

A signing in book is in use at our club for all activities, which is kept in the indoor shoot area. Generally an official of the club will take responsibility to ensure you sign in at events, eg at practice sessions and club shoots. If however you are shooting on the course not at an organised event eg simply for practice you must sign in and out. (You will be asked to produce your SIFA Card at all official shoots and possibly at any time when using the club facilities).

This safeguards not only yourself, as someone is aware you are on the course in the event of an accident but also ensures that only people who are members of the club who are insured are using the clubs facilities. You may also be asked for your SIFA Card by the landowner, Roderick Perceval, as he will wish to confirm you are a valid Archer.

Please note, only adult members of the club can use the grounds alone. Juniors and Cubs must be supervised at all times by a suitably experienced adult member of the club and an authorised parent or guardian.

Membership StatusAnnual Fee
Under 18 €40
Family Membership€180
Carrowmore Archery Club Membership Fees
Sifa Insurance & Membership Annual Fee
Under 18€20
Sifa Membership/Insurance Fees

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