General Safety Rules for all Archers
  • Check your all your equipment before shooting: Bow Limbs, Arrows and Bow String. If any of these are in any way damaged do not use!
  • Never loose an arrow when you cannot see where it will land.
  • Never loose an arrow straight up in the air.
  • Never point an arrow at a person or animal.
  • Never pull a loaded or unloaded bow in anybody’s direction.
  • Never throw an arrow.
  • No archer shall draw a bow with the bow hand higher than the head.
  • No person shall run on an archery range.
  • Never stand in the shooting line forward of an archer about to shoot. Not only can you destroy the archer’s concentration, but you place yourself in danger from a mis-nocked arrow which can fly in any direction upon release.
  • Whilst somone else is shooting keep your eyes and mind alert for possible danger. At the moment of loosing an arrow the archers concentration is solely on the target.
  • Where possible danger exists shout STOP. If you have any doubts of any nature, Do Not Shoot.
  • At least one adult member of a group should always remain standing in front of the target if other members are searching for arrows. Alternatively, prop at least one bow or branch in front of the target face to ensure that any following group of archers are made aware that there are people behind the target and it is unsafe to shoot.
  • Always keep to the marked path from each target to the next shooting stand. Don’t assume things are safe. Make Sure.
  • Juniors or Cubs should never leave their group without permission from a responsible adult.

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