As you may already know, to be a member of Carrowmore Archers,it is compulsory to be a member of the Society Of Irish Field Archers.

On becoming a member of S.I.F.A you will be given a membership card which serves two purposes:

Firstly as a means of identification. (This may be requested by Temple House Estate)

Secondly to prove that you are fully insured to shoot at any S.I.F.A event.

S.I.F.A Insurance does not cover you if you are shooting in your own garden or any other lands that are not recognised as S.I.F.A Club Grounds.

Please can all members upon recieving their affiliation cards, ensure to carry them at all times when attending all archery activities whether it be at practice sessions, club shoots or competitions. You will be asked to produce your affiliation card not only at other club events but also at Carrowmore Archers.

A signing in book is in use at our club and is located in the indoor shoot area. Signing in is required when shooting on the club course.

This safeguards not only yourself, as someone is aware you are on the course in the event of an accident.

Please note, only Senior members of the club can use the grounds at any time. Juniors and Cubs must be supervised at all times by an authorised parent or guardian.

SIFA homepage can be found here; http://www.sifa.ie


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